Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Uranus in first house:

even when well-aspected, makes the person very odd and eccentric in his habits, so that he seems to delight in doing exactly the things that are against the conventions and customs, just so that he may appear odd. He always finds an original way of doing things, different from that of all other people, and is very self-satisfied in his opinion that his methods and ideas are better than any one else's. If opposed he will defend his ideas to the last ditch, if Uranus is in any way afflicted. But when Uranus is well-aspected in the First House there is usually a tolerance for the opinions of others. a spirit of give-and-take which avoids the hard feelings generated by an afflicted Uranus. Uranus on the Ascendant also makes the person very restless, there are many sudden changes in the life and it will, of course, depend upon the aspects prevailing at the time whether the changes are for good or ill; but at any rate the call of the far fields that look so green, are constantly before the mind's eye, so that Uranians are always ready to be the pioneers in new undertakings or a new cause, just so that it is something that has not been tried before, and so offers a chance of risk and adventure.

Uranus in second house:

which governs finance, naturally indicates a restless and unsettled state of the finances of the person. There will be many ups and down, and even though such a person may have other good aspects that quality him to reason accurately concerning other matters, it will be found that in the financial department he is unable to protect himself against these sudden and unforeseen losses, or gains. For him there is no such thing as a staid and solid investment, for the most unlooked-for- conditions are likely to turn up and either net him an altogether unlooked- for increase or else bring about an equally unaccountable loss, all with such suddenness that there is no way of changing the matter. Therefore it is absolutely impossible to give financial advice to such people, for even if they invested in a proposition as solid as the proverbial rock of Gibraltar, it is doubtful if an earthquake would not unsettle it.

Uranus in third house:

The Third House governs brothers and sisters, neighbors, education, and the mental or intellectual faculties. Therefore this position strengthens the intuitional abilities of the person, and gives a certain predisposition towards what is commonly called psychic faculties. Uranus rules the ether, hence the Third House position should make it easy for the person to cultivate spiritual sight, especially if Uranus is well-aspected with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury. If Uranus is afflicted in the Third House it indicates quarrels with neighbors, brothers and sisters, probably a breaking up of the family ties, also that the education will be interfered with through the erratic, self-willed conduct of the person, and the mind will be more or less unsettled, and changeable as a weather-vane. An afflicted Uranus in the Third House also predisposes to accidents according to the nature of the afflicting planet, and particularly when on short journeys. These people, it may also be said, are subject to adventures and strange happenings on their journeys such as do not usually befall other people.

Uranus in fourth house:

People who have Uranus in the Fourth House ought to leave their place of birth as soon as possible for they cannot succeed there. Both the parents and their whole neighborhood and environment will be antagonistic to them. If it so happens that the parents are wealthy they will try to disinherit a child with Uranus in the Fourth House. Even if his Seventh and Eighth Houses be well fortified, it is very doubtful if he would win in a contest for his share of the patrimony, as the public sentiment in his birthplace, where such a suit would probably be tried, would be so much against him that he would lose in the end. It would also be disastrous for such a person to marry and establish a home of his own, for peace, harmony and contentment cannot exist where the spasmodic and erratic Uranus is; that is to say, if it is afflicted. If it is well-aspected it is also doubtful if such a person would ever attempt to establish a home, for his sympathies would be too large and he would probably be identified with wider activities--a home or homes on a larger and more universal scale. This position also gives a very strong attraction towards occult science.

Uranus in fifth house:

The Fifth House rules educational activities, publications, pleasures, courtship, and childbirth. The erratic Uranus in this House will in the first place give some very unconventional ideas concerning the intercourse and relation of the sexes and usually leads to a clandestine relationship contrary to the laws of the land. A woman with this condition in her horoscope is particularly prone to be taken advantage of even though she may not consciously be guilty of inviting undue advances. It also makes parturition very difficult and if a child is brought to birth there is danger of loss by some sudden accident or unusual disease. If other influences in the horoscope give a leaning toward literature, a person who has Uranus in the Fifth House will be found to espouse some unconventional cause, like socialism, anarchism, or kindred movements, and if Uranus be afflicted by Saturn, Mars, or Neptune, the articles written by him, or the paper published by him or with which he is connected will probably incite to bloodshed, conspiracy, and treachery, which will bring the person into trouble with the authorities. If on the other hand, Uranus be well-aspected from the Fifth House in a horoscope indicating literary tendencies, the ideas advocated on account of this Uranian influence will probably be so Utopian, idealistic, and altruistic that they will be beyond the contemporaries of the person. The love nature will also be of such a high idealistic strain that few if any will be able to respond, and this may also mitigate in a large measure the physical trouble indicated in parturition. A person with a well-aspected Uranus in the Fifth House would not gamble, and if one who has an afflicted Uranus there attempted it, he would naturally meet with loss, no matter how careful he might seem to be. With respect to the pursuit of pleasure indulged in by these people, we shall find them attracted to all new and strange things. At the present time the most of them are probably longing for the day when it will be possible for them to race in the clouds and drive airplanes more recklessly than they are now driving automobiles.

Uranus in sixth house:

The Sixth House governs the employment and service, also health and disease, therefore the erratic, spasmodic Uranus in the Sixth House predisposes to occupational diseases of a strange nature, asphyxiation, mental and nervous disorders, such as epilepsy, and St. Vitus dance. Even if Uranus is well-aspected, these tendencies are not entirely abrogated, at least, a person with Uranus in this position will be very nervous and high-strung under all conditions. With respect to employers and fellow-employees this position makes the person very irritable; he is brusque and abrupt to all connected with his work and therefore liable to trouble in employment or with employees. This position gives a tendency towards mediumship and undesirable phases of psychic experiences. If Uranus is much afflicted there is also danger of obsession and insanity.

Uranus in seventh house:

indicates a romantic, sudden, or ill- considered marriage. Sometimes a common-law or other irregular form of union is consummated under this position. Often the marriage partner is a person never thought of as a mate until the Uranian ray impels to marriage on the spur of the moment. People with Uranus in the Seventh house are usually unfortunate in their marriage relations, because the marriage partner has the spasmodic, inconstant, independent Uranian nature, chafes under the limitation and cannot remain true to any one person, but becomes inveigled into clandestine relations with the result that the marriage is often dissolved in the divorce court and separation and estrangement follow; there is quite often a public scandal in connection with these affairs, or it may indicate the death of the marriage partner, all according to aspects. People with Uranus in the Seventh House should never go to law, for no matter how just their cause may be they are most likely to be thwarted or checkmated by some strange, unforeseen or sudden circumstances whereby they are apt to lose their case. They should also avoid public office or position, for no matter how honest they may be themselves they are likely to become involved in scandal and trouble on that account. In short, this Seventh House position of Uranus is bad for dealings of any kind with the public or with law or partners.

Uranus in eighth house:

is a good omen, for it indicates that when life has been lived to its fullness the end will come suddenly and thus the person will be spared the long and pitiful suffering so often incident to the transition from the physical to the spiritual worlds. But knowing this it also behooves such people to have their house in readiness and order, so that when the end comes at 30 or 90 they have their affairs in shape. This position often brings an unexpected legacy through the marriage partner when well-aspected; but if Uranus is afflicted the person may become involved in litigation on account of or in connection with the estate of someone deceased. People with Uranus in the Eighth House often show great interest in occult subjects and become well versed in mystic lore. It also gives a predisposition to dreams and psychic experience.

Uranus in ninth house:

gives a progressive and independent mind, or an original and inventive turn, sometimes amounting to genius; the intuition is highly developed and these people indulge in constructive dreams of such a nature as transform the world in the course of time--that is, provided Uranus is well-aspected. Nevertheless they are generally looked upon as cranks because their ideas are so Utopian and far in advance of our present stage that the ordinary human beings cannot grasp them. On the other hand, if Uranus is afflicted in the Ninth House, particularly if by Mars, these people become red anarchists and are not even averse to shedding blood in order to attain what they believe is the ideal; they become fanatical in whatever cause they espouse. This position of Uranus also indicates trouble in travel, particularly on voyages, and danger of accidents. It is one of the signs which make the explorer and pioneer in the discovery and development of new countries.

Uranus in tenth house:

indicates an original, eccentric character, with a contempt for conventions, who follows his own ideas regardless of what other people say or think, hence such people are often looked upon as black sheep and estranged from their kindred, but this they do not seem to regard as a misfortune; they are ready to offer up all, even life itself, for absolute freedom. These characteristics also bring them into public discredit and disfavor. The life is full of sudden changes for better or worse according to the other planetary aspects prevailing. If Uranus is much afflicted these people never make a success in life, but meet with continual sorrow, trouble, disappointment and reverses. When Uranus is well-aspected genius will come to the fore and is likely to find recognition in some measure at least, probably by pioneer work of some kind.

Uranus in eleventh house:

Uranus being lord of the Eleventh Sign, Aquarius, is more at home in the Eleventh House than in any of the others, therefore he exerts a strong influence in bringing about strange and eccentric friendships with people of an original, creative, or inventive turn of mind who will be a benefit to the person if Uranus is well-aspected. This also indicates that through such friendships the wishes, hopes and aspirations will be promoted and reach a successful culmination. If on the other hand, Uranus is afflicted in this house, friends are apt to turn traitors or at least use the person for their own selfish ends as far as possible.

Uranus in twelfth house:

indicates loss of reputation, exile, and estrangement from one's kin and country, much sickness at various times of life and confinement in hospitals, if Uranus is without configuration with any other planet or even if well aspected. But if seriously afflicted it indicates confinement in prison at some period of the life, or restraint in a sanitarium on account of mental trouble, also much annoyance by the underhanded action of others. When well-aspected it brings success in connection with the occult arts or occult institutions, also by the invention of chemical processes which remain secret with their discoverer instead of being protected by patent. These people are haunted all through life by a vague fear of impending disaster.