Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,

// Planet in Sign-M.Heindel-prepared G. Pentidis

Moon in Aries:

gives a very independent type of mind which aims to hew out its own path in life whether right or wrong and is extremely quick to resent any interference from others. The person is ambitious and aggressive but lacks forethought, so that he is liable to meet with numerous setbacks. However, this position gives a dauntless courage and such people are not easily defeated. When they have failed in one direction they immediately try another venture and in the end their very persistence usually brings them into prominence in their line and gives them ultimate success, unless the Moon is afflicted; then they are prone to take up one occupation after another without giving themselves time to try honestly to make a success of any one.

Moon in Taurus:

This is the Moon's exaltation sign and her effect is therefore very powerful for good if she is free from affliction and well-aspected. Then the fixed nature of Taurus tones down the changeability of the Moon which also blends with the Venus ray. Hence it makes the disposition gentle, self-reliant and determined. It gives perseverance, forethought and kindness, therefore the person attracts all the good things of life, health and wealth, friends and family, houses and lands with the ability to enjoy all these things for it makes him fond of pleasure, sociable and hospitable, a lover of art and music and all other things which make for the enjoyment of life.

Moon in Gemini:

gives a wide-awake intellect, fond of literature and science, resourceful and able to cope with emergencies, broad, liberal and alert for progressive ideas which are taken up with avidity. Hence such people are much attracted to literary occupations, particularly in the newspaper field where they may flit from one subject to another as required by their extremely restless mind. This position also gives an inordinate love of traveling, and desire for positions where one meets many people. Hence it favors such occupations as those of traveling salesmen, canvassers, and the like.

Moon in Cancer:

gives a disposition which is kind, sociable and sympathetic, but indolent and averse to effort whether physical, moral or mental. These people love to drift with the tide and only bestir themselves when under the whiplash of necessity. They are often sensitive to physic conditions, especially if the Moon is aspected by Neptune or Uranus and the nature of the aspect determines whether the influence is favorable or unfavorable. This position also gives a love of home and the comforts to be obtained there. It promotes the digestion and consequently the health if the Moon is well-aspected. If afflicted it has a tendency to give digestive troubles.

Moon in Leo:

has an illuminating influence on the mind. It gives a strong, self-reliant and aggressive disposition with ability for organization; therefore people with the Moon in this position usually attain to leadership in their immediate circle. They are honorable in financial and social matters, fair and magnanimous in their dealings with others, and very popular with other people.

Moon in Virgo:

increases the mental qualities if she is well-aspected; she gives a retentive memory, a love of study along scientific or occult lines and an ambition to excel. Chemistry is the favorite of these people among the sciences and they excel as dietitians. They are rather reserved and of quiet demeanor, disliking flattery or ostentation. Unless they devote themselves to dietetics they are more successful as the servants or employees of others than in business for themselves.

Moon in Libra :

is a fortunate position for the acquisition of friends and public popularity for it makes the person kind, sympathetic and agreeable, optimistic and fond of social pleasures. This position also gives good reasoning powers and the ability to form a correct judgment, love of art and music, sometimes considerable ability as a performer if assisted by other aspects.

Moon in Scorpio :

gives a courageous independent and energetic disposition. The person who has this configuration will not tolerate interference with his plans or submit to imposition. He is often very abrupt in his manners and blunt in speech, quick-tempered and not to be coerced by threats, but singularly amenable to kindness. He has a strong and stubborn will and determination to carry out whatever he undertakes. This position also gives a considerable attraction toward the occult sciences but if afflicted may lead to excess gratification of the senses, trouble with women or difficulties in parturition.

Moon in Sagittarius :

gives an alert and active personality, a love of walking, riding or any other form of physical exercise, a roving of disposition and love of travel in foreign countries, a fondness of animals, especially horses and dogs and an inclination for the study of religion, law philosophy or the science of occultism. These people are very optimistic, good humored, jovial, and ideal companions unless the Moon is afflicted, then her position in Sagittarius is conducive to indolence and self-indulgence.

Moon in Capricorn :

if well-aspected, gives abundance of help from people who are higher in the social scale so that whatever success there may be will come through others, the person being too timid to push himself forward, besides being of a melancholy turn of mind which makes him exceedingly sensitive to real or fancied slights. If the Moon is afflicted it gives a liability to slander whether that is merited or not. This position also has a detrimental effect upon the digestion. People with Moon in this position often have an insane fear of coming to want and therefore they become avaricious and miserly, denying themselves all comforts at the present time that they may have something for a rainy day. They have very little feeling for themselves and none at all for others.

Moon in Aquarius :

if well-aspected gives the person a very vivid imagination and the power of calling images up before the mind's eye in such a manner that they seem almost tangible; besides these people are not dependent upon the faculty of reason, for their intuition is also exceedingly well- developed. In disposition they are sociable, kindly and courteous with the result that they attract many friends and are very popular in their environment, and they are helped by their friends according to the aspects of the Moon. On the other hand if the Moon is afflicted this position shows one of an exceedingly erratic mind.

Moon in Pisces :

gives a receptive mind and a fertile imagination with a disposition to indolence and self-pity, vacillation and faint-heartedness, makes one fond of creaming rather than acting, therefore sorrow, trouble and self-undoing beset the path in life. This position not infrequently leads to mediumship, especially if Neptune is in adverse aspect, for these people are peculiarly sensitive to the flattery of spirit-controls and love anything that will stir their emotions. They are also very wordy in their expressions. If a good aspect from Venus and Mercury enables them to take up music they play with extraordinary inspiration and feeling. If the Moon is afflicted in Pisces love-affairs are apt to bring the person into trouble. If Pisces is in the Twelfth House and the Moon there at birth this will give a liability on the part of the parents to drink and thus to neglect their children who may then become the wards of charitable institutions until they reach maturity.