Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Sun in first house:

The Sun is the source of vitality. The First House signifies are constitutional condition and the home of our childhood, hence the Sun well aspected in the First House adds to the vitality of the rising sign and augments the recuperative powers. It brightens life during the days of childhood and stabilizes the nature, making the person more cheerful and companionable, ambitious to succeed in life, courageous in overcoming obstacles. The outlook on life is joyful and optimistic, hence the chances of success are increased. People with the Sun in this position love to lead and exercise authority over others; they are very jealous of the esteem of the community, upright and honest in their dealings.  When the Sun is afflicted in the First House it lowers the vitality, makes the person timid and vacillating, lacking in courage and ambition; hence the chances of a successful life are slim unless many aspects are good, thus modifying this condition.

Sun in second house:

This shows the person will find favor with people in a position to further his material prosperity and will be their help gain a comfortable living, but it also gives a tendency to squander money on the principle that "what comes easy goes easy." Unless this trait be curbed it may bring about financial stringency, for it is not so much what we earn that counts as what we spend. We shall be poor with an income of a million if we spend two.

Sun in third house:

This favors travel and makes the person bright and observing, eager to investigate conditions and things, for it imparts a scientific turn to the mind. It is a good position for writers as it helps to bring them to public notice and favor.

Sun in fourth house:

In one sense this is very unfortunate position because it deprives the person of the help of the solar influence during the major portion of life, which is on that account a constant uphill struggle, but as the Fourth House rules the latter part of life it is always a consolation to know that the declining years will be brightened by the Sun of success. That should make the burdens lighter to bear.

Sun in fifth house:

The Fifth House rules courtship; children, pleasure, education and publications; when the Sun is there it favors all these except children. It makes the person a favorite with the opposite sex, gives him much enjoyment of life, also success as a teacher, publisher or editor, but strangely enough, though the Sun rules the heart whence spring our children, his position in the Fifth House is distinctly unfavorable for their begetting. This is especially so if the fiery Fifth sign Leo is on the cusp. Then the fervent heat of passion seems to scorch the human plant ere it has time to grow. This tendency is modified to some extent when a watery sign is on the cusp, but when one of the partners has the Sun in the Fifth House the offspring are never numerous.

Sun in sixth house:

Seeing that the Sun is the Giver of Life it is evident that when it is confined in the Sixth House it is debilitated and the vital flow is obstructed; therefore people who have the Sun in that position are particularly liable to disease and slow to recuperate. On that account their diseases are frequent and long-drawn-out to an extent which often amounts to chronic invalidism. If the person is an employee of someone else he will be efficient in his work; he will have no difficulty in obtaining well-paid positions but he will be very touchy towards his employers and make frequent changes under the pretext that his abilities are not sufficiently appreciated. If he is an employer, this position of the Sun is good for success in business, but indicates trouble with servants, who will be domineering. If the configurations in the horoscope enable the person to shake off the grip of sickness the Sun in the Sixth House gives great ability in chemistry, preparation of health-food, and makes the person a capable nurse or healer.

Sun in seventh house:

Partnerships are often unsuccessful because of the selfishness of the participants but he who has the Sun in the Seventh House will have no reason to complain in that respect for he will always attract someone with a high sense of honor when in need of a partner, and as marriage is the most intimate of all partnerships, the Sun in the Seventh House is a particularly fortunate position in that respect, because it will bring the person a mate who is absolutely steadfast and true, one who may indeed be depended upon as a helpmeet in all the exigencies and vicissitudes of life till death do part. As there is no earthly treasure equal to such an enduring love this is perhaps the best of all solar positions. Should the person be unfortunate enough to become involved in litigation the Sun in the Seventh House promotes the favor of the judge and a successful outcome.

Sun in eighth house:


The Eighth House is the angle of incidence through which the death dealing forces act, and as the Sun is the giver of life it is evident that this position is extremely detrimental as far as vitality is concerned, and it often brings a promising life to an early termination. It also often happens that when genius has gone begging all through life and passed the portal of death in obscurity it gains belated recognition, fame and immortality through this position of the Sun. As the Second House signifies the financial condition of the person and shows what he does with the money he earns, so the Eighth shows what comes to him apart from his own efforts, that is to say, inheritances, the wealth of the marriage partner, etc. Therefore the Sun in the Eighth House shows an increase of wealth after marriage but also a tendency of the mate to be over-generous and squander the means.

Sun in ninth house:

This position brightens the mind and imbues the person with high ideals and lofty ambitions. It makes him generously tolerant of other people's opinions--noble and kind-hearted. There is an inner urge to solve problems of life and learn the "whys" and "wherefores," hence the mind turns naturally toward philosophy, religion and law. And as we always excel in the things we love, people with the Sun in the Ninth House make excellent statesmen, lawyers and ministers of God. They shine in all intellectual and scientific pursuits. Their mission often takes them into foreign lands.

Sun in tenth house:

This is one of the surest signs of general success in life. The person rises by the favor of those above him in the social scale and obtains positions of responsibility and trust. He is much respected in the community and often honored by election to public office, and he may always be depended upon to justify the trust reposed in him.

Sun in eleventh house:

This is a good sign that the hopes, wishes and aspirations of the person will be realized; it attracts people in a position to befriend him and with an inclination to do so.

Sun in twelfth house:

This is the signature of the lonely soul who as a recluse shuts himself off from his fellows. It brings with it a danger of conflict with the authorities or an inability to fit in with the family conditions and on account of the ensuing trouble the person goes into voluntary or enforced exile, living his life henceforth a stranger among strangers. Even when such extreme conditions do not prevail, the first third of the life is usually wasted in vain efforts to find a balance and settle down to some life work. Like the Sixth House position of the Sun, this also favors work with the sick in hospitals, chemistry and laboratory work, or work with prisoners; it gives a love of the occult and leads to curious lines of research.