Quarterly Astrology -July-Sep 2016 Relationship astrology-JAS 16
Mars became direct and many shoot outs in USA. Anger was evident at personal level. Shooters went out and shoot anyone they found. Mindless aggression is what Mars rules. Now it is moving ahead in death sign of Scorpio. Bangladesh was targeted by religious extremist. Religion is coming in picture as Neptune is prominent now. Religion is dividing point.Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been fighting US presidency. US people have to choose between two evils.

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Love is changing. Social media is changing definition of our links. We all are connected emotionally to multiple partners. It is social changes Facebook, twitter, or whatsapp are driving. You get more time to understand a man/woman, his thinking, behaviour and action. Neptune is in Pisces. Connection may be hazy sometimes. You never know how many partners your partner is dealing with. Stalking has become normal. Domestic violence has changed meaning.......... continue
Market -JAS 16
Market is stagnant. Brexit was bad for market. EU may collapse. It significance is being discussed in new environment. Bigger fear nowadays credibility of market data. Many countries are showing wrong data and false growth. With Saturn square Neptune crosscheck if we are being told the real story. Saturn relates to facts. Neptune relates to distortions, even to the point of intentional misdirection, misinformation, or deception.Uranus signatures are highlighted throughout July. On July 29, Uranus will turn retrograde in Aries. It may shock technology related stocks.Mars will conjunct Saturn in the fire sign of Sagittarius, continue

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