Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune,

// Planet in Sign-M.Heindel-prepared G. Pentidis

Uranus in Aries :

gives an original, independent nature, full of energy and ambition, ingenious, resourceful and capable of coping with difficulties, especially those of a mechanical or electrical nature. These people have a very impulsive, abrupt and brusque manner which often arouses resentment and opposition in others even though no offense may have been intended. They are seldom satisfied to remain in one place, but are fond of changes and rove about a great deal. Changes of place and position are often forced upon them because of the before-mentioned blunt way of speaking.

Uranus in Taurus :

gives a very intuitive nature but stubborn and self-willed, so that when these people have made up their minds nothing in the world will turn them, but they cling to their purpose or idea with the quiet determination and persistence which neither persuasion nor threats can alter. If Uranus is afflicted they are suspicious and jealous, also subject to very sudden and unexpected reverses in financial affairs. But if Uranus is well-aspected the opposite may be judged, and comfortable financial circumstances may be looked for.

Uranus in Gemini :

gives a highly original, intuitive and versatile nature, fond of scientific pursuits in general, but particularly those studies which have to do with electricity, aviation, or other similar out-of-the-way subjects. These people are broad-minded and thoroughly progressive, pioneers in all things new and modern. Among other things they generally have an inclination for the study of occultism and astrology. They are well liked among brothers, sisters, and neighbors. All this providing Uranus is well-aspected; but if Uranus is afflicted the mind becomes eccentric and full of vagaries which make the person a nuisance and a crank, disliked by everybody, particularly brothers, sisters and neighbors. This also brings trouble and liability to accident in the course of short journeys.

Uranus in Cancer :

Cancer is a psychic sign and when Uranus is there it indicates that the person is a sensitive, attuned to the psychic vibrations and capable of cultivating these powers, but whether for good or ill depends upon the aspects. If Uranus is afflicted there is a tendency to nervous indigestion for Cancer rules the stomach, and if this is not attended to serious stomach trouble may be expected. These people are liable to separation from their families, though usually much against their will, but as they are generally of a very uncertain temper, irritable and impatient, they are usually to blame for this condition and are only getting their just desserts.

Uranus in Leo :

 gives a very determined nature, rebellious and impatient of restraint or contradiction, with strong likes and dislikes, and an utter disregard of the conventions where the passional nature is involved. The personality is strong, forceful and self-assertive, therefore these people often incur the displeasure of others and create much opposition. They are very inconstant in affairs of the heart--"on with the new love" before it is "off with the old." In a woman's horoscope an afflicted Uranus shows difficulty in childbirth, perhaps the death of a child by accident or in a sudden, unexpected manner, also a strong tendency towards palpitation of the heart. When Uranus is well-aspected in Leo both courtship and domestic affairs run much more smoothly and it indicates original and inventive genius, particularly along educational or journalistic lines, also for entertainment and amusement of the public and gain thereby.

Uranus in Virgo :

when well-aspected gives a keen, original, scientific and mechanical mind, a strong and well developed intuitional faculty and a keen business bent which will make for success in life, and financial gain by the employment of others. But if Uranus is afflicted in Virgo, the person is apt to become subject to strange ailments, a hypochondriac of a fractious and irritable turn of mind, a burden to himself and those who have to be around him. This position is also full of disappointment in the aims and ambitions of life, especially because of limitations in the employment or in dealing with employees, which the person seems unable to overcome.

Uranus in Libra :

when well-aspected gives literary and artistic ability of an unusual and original nature where the person follows independent lines of endeavor and expression, often in connection with occultism. This position also gives a keen intuition and an attractive personality, a vivid imagination. It signifies partnership, union, or marriage to someone who will be of a Uranian character and of much benefit to the person. But when ill-placed or afflicted, Uranus in Libra brings sorrow, trouble, domestic difficulty and death of the marriage partner by a sudden or strange ailment or accident. Or perhaps the union may be dissolved in the divorce court, for people with the temperament described by an afflicted Uranus in Libra simply cannot remain true to one person. This position also indicates trouble with the public or the authorities on account of eccentric, anarchistic, or socialistic activity.

Uranus in Scorpio :

when well-aspected gives the person a forceful and determined will, bound to overcome all obstacles and achieve that which he sets out to accomplish by persistence, perseverance and dogged determination; the mind is sharp, shrewd and secretive, capable of grasping details and concentrating deeply upon whatever problem may be in hand. There is an originality and mechanical ability amounting to genius and a love for science, both occult and physical. But when ill-aspected, Uranus in Scorpio lays the person liable to accidents and even assassination or sudden death by explosions, electricity, airplanes or kindred unusual agencies. It also gives a tendency to trouble with the genitals on account of unbridled abuse of the sacred creative function, self-abuse or perversion.

Uranus in Sagittarius :

gives a very strong intuitive faculty with a tendency to dreams, visions, and a very vivid imagination. This position also gives a strong inclination towards an out-of-the-ordinary belief, including the theory and practice of the occult arts. When well-aspected this position gives a strong grasp of the religious and educational problems of the day, with a philanthropic desire to work for the upliftment of humanity, a desire to travel for the educational advantages thereby to be obtained, and success in gaining these points under favorable aspects in the progressed horoscope. When afflicted, Uranus in Sagittarius gives a very eccentric and erratic mentality, particularly with respect to law and religion. There is a rebellion against the social condition which often brings trouble with the authorities, also a desire to force one-sided views upon the world despite all protests and at all risk, characteristics which eventually bring discredit and disfavor.

Uranus in Capricorn:

when well-aspected gives an ambitious and enterprising disposition, a serious, persevering nature, and an acute sense of responsibility, with original ideas of business that bring success, especially if some line is selected that is connected with the electrical or aerial arts. If Uranus is afflicted it gives an erratic and eccentric mind, self-willed and stubborn, bound to either rule or ruin, quarrelsome and at odds with society in general and relatives in particular. Hence this position gives a great deal of sorrow and trouble in life, frequently involving sudden changes of employment and environment.

Uranus in Aquarius:

when well-aspected is at its very best, for he is ruler of this sign and therefore in harmony with its vibrations. Hence this position strengthens the intuition and originality, and directs the energies into humanitarian lines of endeavor, unselfish devotion to the cause of friendship, and a sincere desire to help all who are in trouble. These people make many friends and generally realize their hopes, wishes, and ambitions because they are of such an unselfish nature that they desire what is good for humanity at large rather than that which is for personal gain. This position also gives considerable mechanical ability, originality and inventive genius. But if Uranus is afflicted in the sign Aquarius, though the ambitions may be as strong and sometimes as good, and as pure as with a well- aspected Uranus, they will be of such an erratic nature that it is impossible to realize them, and they bill bring trouble with friends, or pretended friends, who will seek to use the person for their own selfish ends, causing much sorrow and disappointment.

Uranus in Pisces :

when well-aspected indicates a love of the occult arts and ability for development along these lines. It brings friends and associations which favor these studies. But when ill aspected it leads to mediumship, obsession, and even insanity, if this tendency to intercourse with spirits is followed to its conclusion. This position makes the mind flighty, erratic, and the person will be subject to unexpected misfortune, scandal, or suicide. All through life, even when fortune smiles and the skies are clear to all outward appearance, these people are haunted by a vague fear of impending disaster.