Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Jupiter in first house:

Jupiter afflicted on the Ascendant gives a tendency to self- indulgence, according to the sign wherein he is placed. If in Cancer the person becomes an inveterate glutton and literally makes a god of his stomach with the inevitable result that in the course of years he becomes excessively stout, the liver being particularly enlarged and as a consequence he is subjected to sickness of a serious nature. In Sagittarius it makes him an inveterate gambler who would stake his soul on the toss of a coin. In Pisces he becomes an incurable drunkard, in Scorpio a sensualist of the worst nature and so on with the other signs. It may also be said that whenever Jupiter is afflicted on the Ascendant the health suffers through some corruption of the blood.

Jupiter in second house:

when well-aspected, particularly by the Sun or Moon, gives great financial prosperity in life and this is a fortunate position in that respect even when Jupiter is afflicted, but then the person is liable to loss under bad directions. When Jupiter is unaspected he gives no help; the person may then be poor and starve.

Jupiter in third house:

when well-aspected gives a mind of a highly optimistic nature so that no matter what other obstacles there may be in life the person who has this position will always look at the silver lining of the cloud and in so doing forget the cloud itself. He will have exceptional educational advantages and what is more the education which he receives will be of great benefit to him. He will be popular among his brothers, sisters and neighbors and they will help to benefit him. Success is indicated by traveling, writing and publications. When Jupiter is afflicted in the Third House the person is liable to be in wrecks and accidents while traveling, but he will not be injured though he escape only by a hairbreadth. If Saturn afflicts he will become careless and indolent, thus forfeiting the respect and esteem of his immediate family, but if Mars is adverse they will mistrust him because of rash and imprudent acts.

Jupiter in fourth house:

when well-aspected is most fortunate for the home conditions, especially in the latter part of life. People with Jupiter in this position will do better in their place of birth than anywhere else. They will receive considerable help from the parents and probably an inheritance from them. Their business affairs will be on a solid basis and run smoothly so that at the close of life there will be a considerable accumulation according to their station and the opportunities of their environment. They pass their days in peace and end them amid friends, wealth and prosperity. But when Jupiter is afflicted in the Fourth House the person should leave his native town early in life for the conditions there will be detrimental to this success. Lavish and extravagant expenditure, love of display and kindred costly tendencies will sap his resources and bring him into bankruptcy; besides a false pride will keep him from undertaking a radical reform even when he has awakened to the fact that he ought to do so if he would save himself and the only way out of it to make a new start will be removal to another city.

Jupiter in fifth house:

well-aspected increases the number of children and they will bring much profit and pleasure to the parents; it gives popularity and good friends who will be a help to the person, also a sociable and pleasure loving disposition. Gain by speculation is foreshown, high intelligence and success in educational work or the publishing or newspaper business. These people make fine teachers and have a very convincing way of putting things. If Jupiter is afflicted in the Fifth House, especially in Sagittarius, it gives a tendency towards gambling and loss thereby, a love of sports, disinclination for work, and trouble with children.

Jupiter in sixth house:

gives good health and success in the care and cure of the sick, faithful servants, and the respect and esteem of all with whom the person comes in contact in the course of his occupation. But when Jupiter is afflicted in the Sixth House it gives a tendency toward liver troubles, enlargement of the liver, obesity and general disorders produced by over-indulgence of the appetite.

Jupiter in seventh house:

gives a noble, great-hearted and sympathetic marriage partner who will bring the person favor, fortune and social prestige. It is an ideal indication for marriage, also for a person seeking to take a partner or enter into partnership. He may also be assured that the partner will be noble, sincere, honest and trust-worthy, and that success will come by co-operation. It is an ideal position for a lawyer for it indicates success in law and the ability to reconcile opponents. But if Jupiter is weak of afflicted the person will lose his lawsuits or suffer by misplaced confidence in his partner; marriage will be delayed or denied and when consummated trouble will arise through the indolence and self- indulgent habits of the marriage partner. Therefore wisdom would dictate that the person avoid such relationships.

Jupiter in eighth house:

when well-aspected indicates financial gain by marriage, partnerships or legacy, but when weak or afflicted it indicates lawsuits and losses in connection with these matters. A well- aspected Jupiter in the Eighth House is also a sign of an easy and peaceful termination of the life when the full course has been run.

Jupiter in ninth house:

gives a peaceful, noble, optimistic and kind-hearted disposition, with religious tendencies, broad-minded and tolerant of the opinions of others, but favoring the more orthodox and established lines of thought. The person is much esteemed in society and apt to occupy prominent positions in church, state or in institutions of learning or philanthropic associations. This position also gives a love of travel with pleasure and gain thereby. But when weak or afflicted by sign or aspect it gives arrogance and love of display which is our of proportion with the person's pocketbook, consequently there are lawsuits and liability to social discredit. It also shows danger when traveling.

Jupiter in tenth house:

when well-aspected is one of the best indication of an eminently successful and virtuous life, especially if he is supported by Saturn, Sun and Moon, for then the person will rise to a high position in the church, state or law and gain great wealth, honor and social esteem. Furthermore he will deserve all he gets for the character will be of superlative nobility. But if Jupiter be weak or afflicted in the Tenth House, particularly by Saturn or the luminaries, it shows that the character is not reliable. The person may rise but his evil deeds will find him out and therefore he will experience reversals of fortune and loss of prestige.

Jupiter in eleventh house:

and well-aspected gives wealthy and influential friends who may be relied upon to help the person to realize his hopes, wishes and ambitions. It also gives a sociable disposition and fondness for pleasure. In a man's horoscope it signifies that the marriage will be fruitful and that his children will be a credit and a help to him, but before judgment is rendered in this respect the wife's horoscope should also be examined to see whether it concurs, for if not then the judgment must be modified. When Jupiter is afflicted in the Eleventh House either the person meets friends who are good and sincere in their desire to help him but lack the ability or less the friends whom he attracts come to him to be benefited. In either case he will not be helped much by friends but must depend upon his own resources to attain his desires.

Jupiter in twelfth house:

when well-aspected brings gain and success through occupations carried on in comparative seclusion such as laboratory work, work in hospitals or asylums in an executive capacity; or in a position in one of the fraternal orders which have to do with sick benefits or in the study and practice of the mystical or occult arts. If people with Jupiter in this position are personally indigent they receive much bounty from people or institutions of a fraternal or charitable nature, but if they are well-to-do they give lavishly to these purposes. If they have enemies they also have a way of turning them to friends. If Jupiter is afflicted it makes the person indolent and improvident so that in time he usually becomes the ward of one of the charitable institutions where he lives till the end of life without either trouble or worry.