Planet in house: Sun, Moon,Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Planet in Sign: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune,

Moon in first house:

When the Moon is rising in the First House at birth and particularly in common or cardinal sign she gives the person then born a very restless nature; he is constantly endeavoring to change his position environment and occupation, is ensouled by an insatiable wanderlust and always ready to roam. When the Moon is rising in a fixed sign there is a little more stability to the nature but even then the person will probably spend at least part of his time in a roving existence. People with the Moon in the First House are usually sensitives, especially if the Moon is in the psychic signs Cancer or Pisces. They have a very vivid imagination and are quite intuitive. This position of the Moon has a powerful influence upon health especially in a woman's horoscope and the aspects which the Moon receives determine the strength of the constitution. It is also a sign of success in such occupations as bring the person in close touch with the public.

Moon in second house:

It signifies fluctuating finances unless fortified by good aspects from Jupiter, the planet of opulence, or Venus the planet of attraction. Good aspects from the Sun make matters more settled in that respect.

Moon in third house:

It makes the mind extremely fertile in imagination with a strong liking for mental occupations, especially such as do not require continuity but are subject to constant change, like editing and reporting on newspapers where one must be on the alert for news and roam hither and thither for the purpose of gathering it. These people love the lime-light of publicity and if the Moon is strengthened by good aspects to Mercury they may reach a position of prominence.

Moon in fourth house:

Moon in fourth house well-aspected indicates fortunate home conditions, especially toward the close of life but if the Moon is afflicted we may judge the reverse. This position also gives a tendency toward psychic experiences especially if the Moon is in its own sign Cancer or in Pisces, another watery sign. It also shows many changes of residence which will be fortunate or otherwise according to other aspects of the Moon.

Moon in fifth house:

Moon in cardinal or common signs indicates a person of very changeable afflictions, fond of pleasure and gambling. It is a sign of a fruitful marriage particularly when in Scorpio. Even in a barren sign like Leo the Moon will give children when she is placed in the Fifth House. This question, however, should always be judged from both horoscopes of the prospective parents, for should one be entirely barren, the Moon in the Fifth House in Leo or Virgo in the other horoscope, would not be sufficient help to mend the matter.

Moon in sixth house:

is a poor position particularly in a woman's horoscope and any person with the Moon in that position will be better in a subordinate position employed by someone else than in a business venture of his own. Should he be placed in the position of employer he will find it difficult to keep servants or employees. They will change constantly.

Moon in seventh house:

if well-aspected is fortunate for success in marriage, partnership and all dealings with the public for it makes the person popular. But if seriously afflicted it indicates a fickle, changeable marriage partner, loss through litigation, partnership and the general public which will then hold the person in disfavor.

Moon in eighth house:

gives gain by marriage and legacy if it is well-aspected and it also increases the number of children though there is a change that some of them may die. But if the Moon is afflicted the financial fortunes will change for the worse after marriage and if legacies do come they will bring lawsuits with them whereby the person will lose.

Moon in ninth house:

when well-aspected gives a clean clear mind of a serious, religious, legal or philosophy turn according to the nature of the aspect. The person will travel far with both pleasure and profit for himself and sometime he will come into the lime-light of publicity. This position also gives a tendency to dreams and visions especially if the Moon is aspected by Neptune. If the Moon is afflicted the person will be too impulsive and jump to conclusions which are to his detriment. If he undertakes to travel he is liable to meet much trouble in consequence. He is also apt to make an ill-considered change in religion and be subjected to much censure on that account.

Moon in tenth house:

is a sign of good fortune, popularity and prosperity if well-aspected. It brings the person prominently before the public and ensures favor especially from women, also the accumulation or property. It makes the mind deep and diplomatic, curious and inquisitive. When the Moon is afflicted the person is liable to incur hostility on the part of the public and reversals of fortune. Sometimes he becomes involved in public scandal and subject to censure.

Moon in eleventh house:

if well-aspected gives many friends especially among women, but if she is afflicted those who come to the person under the guise of friendship do so in the hope that he may be of benefit to them.

Moon in twelfth house:

if well-aspected gives success in such work as is performed in seclusion away from the public gaze, in prisons, hospitals or charitable institutions. There is also a liability to become involved in clandestine love-affairs but if the Moon is well-aspected the person will be able to keep this a secret. If the Moon is afflicted there is a danger of secret enemies, trouble and persecution.