SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):: February 2016 Horoscope

Saturn may be keeping you down. It is all about discipline. If you are a discipline person, Saturn is here to reward you. Next month is more aggressive as Mars will add him.

February is better month. Communication is much clear. Focus on rest and planning.

Mars is in twelfth house. Analysis your plan well. Next month focus will be on execution. Plan well and correctly. Do have all information. January may be full of delays. Use this month to extract more information. Plan deeply and preciously. Learn well who is friend and who is enemy.

New moon of 8th Feb in Aquarius is in sibling chart. Contract may be key. You may be down. TV or mobile may need repair. Sibling life may need a boost. Or change in neighbour is also possible. This new moon may work in different possible ways. Rework your communication strategy. Develop your skills to next level.

If you were born near December 8, this new moon is closer.

A full moon is happening on February 22. Jupiter (luck), North node (hunger) and full moon are in Virgo. This is social status house. It all depends on your past karma. This full moon is about delivering results. People may appreciate your efforts. You have charisma. Your ruler himself is driving social prestige. It is all about upliftment. Some Sagittarius may also feel downside risk. It is all about truth and justice. Stick to truth. It is your year dear Sagittarius.

If you were born near December 20, this full moon is about social prestige.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter is moving in social status. People will come forward to appreciate your high connects. Sagittarius is always positive sign. Jupiter, your ruler, at tenth house is a blessing. Keep extra care of detailing. You will move higher in life. Jupiter will bring hope to career for next twelve months.

Pluto is transforming your earned income. Strengthening earned income is your priority. Financial passion may take you to next level. Uranus is driving romantic links. Focus on elder child will be immense. His care and love will be key. If you are in love, romantic relations will be different and may keep you engage.

Neptune is in domestic space. If you compare ideal home situation with current state, you may feel some gap. Idealism is your dream and you are waiting for some miracle to change it.

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