Sagittarius 2010 Horoscope
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Money may play a critical role in 2010. Although, Sagittarius is not so financial sign still lot of changes or reassessment of your financial strength this year. You or your partnerĎs income may see financial fluctuations. It may be a loan, a tax, a property matter, or a legal matter may require your full attention. In 2010, Sagittarius is most supportive sign for any property related matters. If you have been looking for buying a home, 2010 is an ideal year to do so. Prepare and plan your finances accordingly. With Mars in your ninth house, you may plan to buy home with help of your distant relatives or on a foreign land.

If you have been going through career challenges, now it should come down. 2010 is a year of consolidation in terms of social status.

Based on birthdates, this year will impact all Sagittarius differently. If you were born within 17 to 27th date range, this year will be more eventful than others. For people within 22 to 27, earned income, love, child, or partnerís income may demand your attention and planning. Balancing these financial and romantic needs will be required attention especially until September 2010. If you have any weakness in value system, it may come out in open. With Mars in your ninth house, you may also have to frequently fly away from home. Or, your in-laws may require your attention.

If you were born within 17 to 22nd date range, this year will be more about emotional changes. Your relationships equity may see readjustment. You may see many big gains and losses in 2010. If you were born within 4 to 15th date range, 2010 is a year of start ups. You may start a new income source or a property matter.


Action time

Travel , In-laws, higher education , or spirtuality

Jan 1 to Jun 7 

Career, awards and social status

Jun 7 to July 29

Friends, society 

July 29 to Sep 14 

Hidden places, psychological health

Sep 14 to Oct 28

Self outlook 

Oct 28 to Dec 7 

Earned income 

Dec 7 to 



Romantically, this year may create urgency to settle down. If you have been looking for pregnancy, this year may surface some complications or conflicts.

Some area will be more active at different point in time as mentioned in Table 1. Table 2 is more about Mercury retrograde period i.e not to act just wait period.

2010 may be divided in three equal parts. Middle part is completely different and intense than other two parts. So, plan your major actions in first and last four months period. Letís discuss major aspects in detail.

Eclipses - Dramatic changes

Partnerís income, gains, loses, - Unexpected changes

  • Culmination point 31 Dec 2009 +/- one month
  • As year starts, you have a lunar eclipse in your eighth house on 31 December 31, 2009. With Pluto, Venus, Sun, north node, and Mercury in your earned income chart, you might see culmination of a financial matters.

    It appears that you will hear news that you will soon receive a one-time chunk of cash. It may be money owed to you at the end of a marriage or business, for example, or it could come in the form of a commission, cash advance, or bonus. If you have been pitching venture capital investments, it may come through now, or you may get approval for a new mortgage or refinancing plan. A court or insurance settlement may come down, or you may even win a cash prize. There are many possible sources for the money that seems to be coming your way.

    It's a full moon eclipse, so something is coming to a grand conclusion. It could be good news, or not so good news, but either way, the news of the eclipse will eventually benefit you.

    Communication trouble - Sagittarius


    Earned income

    Jan-1 to Jan-15

    Work or health

    Apr-8 to May-11


    Aug-20 to Sep-12

    Earened income or communcation

    Dec-10 to Dec-30

  • Initiation point July 11 2010 +/- One month
  • Another eclipse is happening in same house on July 11. However, this is a new moon and indicates an initiation point in same area. The solar eclipse, July 1, will open a new chapter of professional growth.

    The fact that this month's eclipse is involved with financial developments suggests that whatever is going on is very important, because life decisions and actions usually accompany eclipses

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