Indian Men- EGO cycle

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:45

Indian men are angry, lonely, and egoistic. Many of them are on road for Rajput’s ego, Dalit’s ego, religious ego, family respect or nationalism. They own all egos. Filmmakers too sell same thing. Padmavat is show of Rajput EGO and Karni Sena too fighting for that EGO.

On other hand, due to income inequality, they have to struggle for jobs and survival. They can have nice childhood. As they grow in teen, problem starts. Peer pressure , ego pressure and comaprison takes toll in indian male life. IIT and medical exams pressure takes away all life from them. If they succeed, society makes them PRINCE or rising stars. If they fail, as mostly do, pressure comes to find small job. Most celebrated male in society are Government job holders. They have multiple proposals for marriage. They have the power to choose. Jobless male is a looser in society. They struggle to survive.

After marriage, they struggle for Identity. Builder, tax man, Loan agent or lawyer are the only people they interact other than family. Pressure mounts and their lives break. They find pleasure in supporting their religion, their idea, or human gods (politicians). They strugle to find meaning in life and identity. At home, wife runs the show. At office, boss don’t listen. Their life just moves in trains, traffic and useless tax affairs.

Life loses meaning for many of them in between these strugle. Some goes to spiritual journey and some behind money. Some find solace in gossips and some in drinks. Growing loneliness and ego makes them isolated and vulnerable for diseases. In end, they live 5 to 7 years shorter than females.

Winning them in chat and ego is not very easy. If you want to start chat with them, talk about their guru, caste, religion, film star, favourite drink , or politician (i.e their ego points). They can talk endlessly. Such a huge population with eccentric mind is not good for larger benefit of humanity. Hinduism is way of life with diversified ideas and inclusion. Exclusion is growing now. Families are getting shorter. This species is being controlled by economic compulsions. Farmers are doing suicides. And many them dying daily through slow diseases like hypertension or heart attack. Living life with limited objective and big walls of economic pressure have killed this so much precious resource.

Laws are bended towards feminism. Even a single call of rape, dowry and divorce can get male in jail. In summary, Indian male is stronger in perceptions and ego. Weaker in front of banks, builder, family survival, joblessness, family respect, children future, nature’s wrath, policies, and lawyers. Their own ego is eating them.