Close door gods:

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:44

I was passing through a Parsi temple in south Mumbai. In that temple only Parsi is allowed. That is exclusion. Hindu pandits did same mistake many years ago. Temples were closed to dalits. Later many dalits had converted to Islam or Christianity. Dalits were lower castes or untouchable. They were not allowed to touch precious god or his disciples, the pundits. Basic right of prayer got restricted. That was a blunder. It misrepresented the fact that Hinduism is about exclusion. But truth is opposite.

Hinduism is way of life. Ram took help from Sabri or hanuman. That was the signal that they want inclusion of every poor and untouchable. Vishnu helped Ahilya, the discarded characterless woman. Krishna helped Sudama, the poor. There are many stories which indicates that Hinduism was about inclusion. Just few followers made it specific to one community – Pandits.

In result, Dalits went to more accessible gods like the sufi, sants, budha, Islam , or other religion. Another point I noted is that poor gods have more following then rich gods like Sai baba, Gajanan maharaj , or Swaminarayan. Even among Hindu gods, Shiva is favourite as he lives simple life than Vishnu. People admires the riches but follow the poor , the listener.

Corporate world too work in same way. If top management remains aloof from problems on ground, Slowly its fan following reduces and good talent / follower goes to other god.

God represents justice to us. If he closes his ears/ eyes, rumours and politics take over. Every god should balance between power centres and poor centres. HE should remain untouched from richness of advice by coterie and poor vision of the poorest. Justice should prevail in any system. Otherwise both god and his kingdom fall.

Inclusion is need of time. Kings should listen voice of last worrier by intention. Just hollow words too fail to convince a justice seeker. Sense of justice and inclusion should go across.