Less is More

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My mother is 73 yrs. old. We recently planned to renovate our old home. No one had lived in that home for 20 yrs. It was empty. She lived in it for 25 yrs. She had boxes .. Really old one. She resisted to discard them, distribute them or destroy them. We love to accumulate stuffs, even if we don’t use them.

Science of happiness is changing. Earlier it was like

Work Hard >> Earn More >> Buy more Stuff>>> Enjoy

New generation is like live in present and enjoy stuff.

Future Ideas- Emotional health

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We are in a race, we all human. Race is to prove superiority. In such race, it is hard to keep self emotionally fit. High population means many issues, accidents, breakups, and mental meltdowns. Social dynamics have been changing with mobile connectivity. We are now connected to large audience. Our voice or talent could be heard loudly. Our strengths are being recognised. Our weakness are being exposed.

IN Europe - 1 out 15 people go in depression every year, 4 out of 16 get anxiety attack.

Indian Men- EGO cycle

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Indian men are angry, lonely, and egoistic. Many of them are on road for Rajput’s ego, Dalit’s ego, religious ego, family respect or nationalism. They own all egos. Filmmakers too sell same thing. Padmavat is show of Rajput EGO and Karni Sena too fighting for that EGO.

Close door gods:

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I was passing through a Parsi temple in south Mumbai. In that temple only Parsi is allowed. That is exclusion. Hindu pandits did same mistake many years ago. Temples were closed to dalits. Later many dalits had converted to Islam or Christianity. Dalits were lower castes or untouchable. They were not allowed to touch precious god or his disciples, the pundits. Basic right of prayer got restricted. That was a blunder. It misrepresented the fact that Hinduism is about exclusion. But truth is opposite.

Solar eclipse in Aquarius

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Solar eclipse in Aquarius .. on February 15. Big moment for people born near 15 date. New beginning in

Aries - friends social life 
Taurus - social status , career 
Gemini - travel , in laws , distant relationship 
Cancer - partners income.. loan.. 
Leo - marriage , relationship 
Virgo - job , health 
Libra - love, creativity , child 
Scorpio - domestic place 
Sagittarius - sibling. Contract , 
Capricorn - earned income house 
Aquarius - self outlook and perception 
Pisces - hidden facts , friends , enemies .