Astrology Quaterly-July -September, 2016

Mars became direct and many shoot outs in USA. Anger was evident at personal level. Shooters went out and shoot anyone they found. Mindless aggression is what Mars rules. Now it is moving ahead in death sign of Scorpio.

Bangladesh was targeted by religious extremist. Religion is coming in picture as Neptune is prominent now. Religion is dividing point. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been fighting US presidency. US people have to choose between two evils. Hillary is a Scorpian woman. We have seen Indian Indira Gandhi emergency period. It was ruthless period. Scorpian woman may be very decisive and change creator. They generally feel discontent in marriage life. Both Indira and Hillary have same examples.

My personal favourite is Ben Senders (Virgo). He is thinking well for equality. He has experience and his thought matches with Bible. We need peace and equality. Saturn is still going retrograde in Global sign of Sagittarius. International news deciding our fate. Brexit was big news of last quarter. Libra PM lost battle of EU. July to September quarter is different. Mars is aggressive whole quarter. In July , it will be in Scorpio. In August and September, it will join Saturn in Sagittarius. Again, global news will control us. It may be economic, political or religious. I feel bad about religious control on human mind. Travel may be little risky. Ignore crowded place, if you can. Use religion for peace and growth of all around us.

Two eclipses are coming in September. Solar eclipse in Virgo (Sep 1) and Lunar eclipse in Pisces (Sep 16). Both are very closely aspected. So expect changes in cleaning , self-management, and emotional cleaning. September is expected to be volatile month.

Jupiter , lord of Luck will move to Libra on September 9. It will leave extra support to Virgo sign. Balance will come in global prospective. Turth and lie will stand on same platform.

Saturn will go direct on August 14. Indian republic day may see some volatility.

Uranus signatures are highlighted throughout July. First, we had Venus make a translation (T-square) to the Uranus/Pluto square, June 30-July 7. Now we have the Sun making a similar translation (T-square) to Uranus and Pluto, July 7-16. On July 29, Uranus will turn retrograde (very powerful Uranus energies +/- one week), and on July 31, Venus will make a trine aspect to Uranus. This is a massive amount of powerful Uranian force, promising a month of highly combustible events. It may also correspond with a period of exciting new discoveries in science and space. Juno space probeís arrival into Jupiterís orbit.

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Aries horoscope
Work and health may change dramatically in September 2016. Two eclipses are coming. Take care of emotional and physical health. Consult your doctor, if any issue. Travel may be key for career. Career may see a push this quarter. Religious issue may be important. Go to religious travel. You will feel blessed. Teacher may be demanding for student. Donít take foreign rules lightly , if you are living in another society. In-laws may be demanding. Good time is coming in marriage and relations. Jupiter will be there for one year.
Taurus horoscope
Two eclipses are coming in supportive houses of love and social life. You may see big changes in love and social links. A romantic link may reach at test level. It may break or go ahead depends on circumstances. Review is happening. Be prepared with your value system. Baby may come your home. Pregnancy expected. Do involve yourself in creative projects. Expect big focus on partnerís income. A pending legal issue, property matter or emotional past may drag you. Expenses will be high.
Gemini horoscope
Home and career will face a jolt in September. You may see new level of domestic affairs and career matters. These changes are little painful, but you are strong and love changes. Ensure safety in these matters before September. Marriage issue will come to your head in August and September. Pressure will mount. Enemies may be many. Learn from every opportunity. Good news is love life is going to be very active starting September- 16 .
Cancer horoscope
Love life may become active again. Mars will move ahead. In August and September, work life will be hectic. You may feel lost in travel and work. Activity level focus will be more. Try to streamline and manage your time well. You may have many things pending at your desk. Work is prayer. It will be demanding prayer for Cancer in next three months. Focus hard on work. You will know how to come out. Home life is going to be better in next 14 months.
Leo horoscope
Home issues may be prominent in July. You may want a secure and safe home. Love and child may be issue in August and September. Donít expect stable love life. Volatility is expected in love and romance. Heart matters demand equal focus. Finances would feel upside down in September. You may plan a big investment or job change. Go with flow. Donít resist changes. Changes are part of life. Better time for sibling and car is coming.
Virgo horoscope
Big changes are coming. World may shake in September. Two eclipses are coming in your chart and your marriage chart. People perception about you will change. These are cosmic changes. An individual test cosmos plans for each of us. Jupiter will also exit from your house. Cosmic support will reduce a bit. You have to handle it alone. You have capability now. Major exam may be coming from home security. Take care of mother health. A property matter may need resolution.
Libra horoscope
Hidden hands and friends were supporting you in big way. Now they will come out in open. A major health or work change is coming in September. Any health level weakness , you should address now. Travel related business may be a pain. You may suffer in it. Sibling may demand accountability. Financial issue may get better after August. A big support is coming your way in form of Jupiter. Emotional cleaning may be happening now and will see an end near lunar eclipse of September 16.
Scorpio horoscope
A big transformation is happening. You are in middle of it. Cosmos may send signal of your hidden talent. You are in lead in July. Use it for better purpose. Act with good intentions. Expenses will rise in August and September. A friend or love life will be reach a conclusion in September. Love life will gain from lunar eclipse of September 16. A friend or social link may extract money from you. Try to be practical.
Sagittarius horoscope
Stress will increase with time. Both Mars and Saturn are in your sign. Act with values. Any misadventure may get backfire. When Saturn directs, it becomes very powerful. Saturn will be direct on August 14. People born near November 30 should be extra conscious. Pressure will be high on all Sagittarius so the spotlight. In September two eclipses will happen, they may modify your outlook of home and career. Parents may need extra help. Do it , if you can.
Capricorn horoscope
Mental and physiological boundaries will be prominent. You may feel bounded by your own though process. Work on your thinking. Pain will reduce. Nothing is more important than your health. Meantime, changes are happening in sibling and in-laws home. You may feel stress more in September. New changes may jolt your love for sibling, neighbour, distant relatives, or in-laws. If you are living in foreign land, you wonít feel stable. Students may be asked to study hard subjects.
Aquarius horoscope
Career changes may be good for you. July is supportive. Friends and social links will be key in August - September. A friend may need immediate help. Expenses may increase in September. Changes in job scene will be key. Financial spectrum will be key. Manage your finance well. Expenses may be high. Work hard to save your money. Banker or lawyer may be demanding.
Pisces horoscope
A big quarter for Pisces. Changes are coming in big way. Keep doing good work. Change cycles are always difficult. It is more so, if career is under stress. You will get real test from enemies, father, boss, or marriage partner. These people may demand maximum attention because of circumstances around them. Rest all areas will remain quite or insignificant now.

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