Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Saturn will out of Sagittarius in December 2017. Last deccan of Sagittarius is under pressure. Saturn teaches us discipline, values and ethics. Follow the mood. Strict to his nature. It punishes each act of indiscipline. Be cautious. If you were born within Nov 22 to Dec 10, your exams days are almost over.

Second house is full in 2018. Saturn (discipline), Pluto (passion) and Mars (action) will move in it. Earned income will be tough. You may have high expenses. Learn to save. Sagittarius loves to spend. Time demands discipline in earned income. Employer would be tough and difficult. Our values and truth decides our values. Help your head high by walking on path of truth and integrity.

Jupiter, your ruler, is in Scorpio now. Hidden friends will be helpful. It is time cut out drama from life. Live peacefully by cutting down painful people. It is best time to write a book. Give some time to self. Heal the pain. Connect to higher god. Spiritual wellbeing will help. You are born optimist. And it will amplify if you get help from god and hidden friends.

Additionally, in January 2018, from Jan 1 to Jan25, Mars will also be in same house of confidentiality and healing. You will lead a change. Luck is on your side.

Now letís discuss another big transition. Uranus will move in Taurus on May 15. It is work and health life. If you were born near November 22, this transition will be in work and health chart. If you were born near December 20, this transit will test your love life. Work environment may be too erratic. Take care of health.

Neptune is in domestic chart in 2018. It will continue your hunger for stable home. Mother may be too emotional. Stability of home is so important. Neptune is happy with Jupiter and Pluto in 2018. On May 25/Aug 19, Jupiter and Neptune will trine. On 15-Jan/14 Apr, Pluto will be too good with luck (Jupiter). Above four dates are there to support your domestic health and earned income. Home may be ideal place or hidden place. Save it from water, insects, fear, oil or dust.

2018 have five eclipses. First eclipse is on January 31. Lunar eclipse is at LEO. This is best time to boost your travel and in-laws. It is ideal time to connect with teacher, distant relatives, or spiritual guru. Spread your intellectual influence. This is supportive eclipse. You may fly out of land. A foreign destination will be ideal. Mars will be in Sagittarius. You will lead the pack with energetic leadership.

After fifteen days, solar eclipse of February 15 is in Aquarius. It is a matter of small distance travel, skill, or sibling. Make life of sibling secure. If you have plan to develop a skill, this is ideal to join it. Time management will be crucial. Engage self in productive work in next six months.

March will provide breathing time. It is time to connect you to home and career.

April has Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are in sync. Earned income issue will take over. Mercury will be in retrograde, so be careful of information you are getting. Balance between earning and skill is important. On April 17 and 22, two big stars (Saturn and Pluto) will go in retrograde. These two dates are important in this journey. Expenses will be high in 2018. Keep some financial buffer.

July and August are eclipse months. Three eclipses will fall, One after another. On July 12, we have a solar eclipse in Cancer sign. This is partnerís income. Partner may bring happy news. You may get a breather. A loan matter will get resolved. Taxman will be kind. Invest in risky asset near this eclipse. You may get a big return. On July 27, we have lunar eclipse at sibling and contract house. This eclipse is making T square with Mars and Uranus. Sibling or neighbour may need help. It is very bust time. Events may come out from nowhere. Car may misbehave. Derive carefully. Do take care of your words. Verbal expression should match your heart.

On August 11, we have solar eclipse in Leo sign. It is tough eclipse. It may be toughest time of 2018. Jupiter (luck in mental peace), Neptune (vision in domestic affair) and Pluto (change in earned income) are tough to this solar eclipse. If you were born near December 11, this eclipse is close. A distant relative may be irritating. Teacher may give low parks. Surviving on foreign land may be difficult now. People may question you caste, gender, language, behaviour, race, or religion. Both July 27 and August 11 eclipses are tough. Let this phase pass without much reaction , if possible.

On August 27, Mars will go direct. On September 6, Saturn will direct. This will be push time for sibling and earning matters.

November 6 to November 15 will be time phase of transition. True node, Jupiter, and Mars will change houses. Such transition will help in change in focus. If life is unbearable in some area, it may be welcome change in end of 2018.

In summary, 2018 is good for mental peace. Sibling , travel and education will come in January-February and July- August. Tough time patch between July 15 to August 15 with in-laws and education. Earned income will feel stress.

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