GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: October 2015 Horoscope

Saturn is moving in seventh house. Be cautiously optimistic is marriage and partnerships. Next two years are about it. Weak relations may go out of your life.

Mars and Jupiter are passing through Virgo. This is amazing time to help mother. Home will be ultimate place to escape. Rebuild your home. Venus will join home soon. With all three sign, there is a party in your support. Resolve any pending property matter. Mercury will go direct on October 4. So afterward it is easy time to resolve any long pending issue.

New moon is happening on October 13 in balance Libra. Love and creativity will come to focus. A sudden event may highlight your complexities. Chiron (past pain) and Pluto (intense drama) may demand you to change path. If you were born near June 13, this new moon will bring a new initiative in love and romance. Love and marriage issues may emerge simultaneously.

Full moon is happening on October 27 in Taurus. Some truth may come out in open. It will be good to take rest. Mental thoughts may go haywire. A healer may help. Discuss and share with a guru or expert.

If you were born near May 27, this full moon will be closer.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter is moving to domestic house starting August 12. Afterward it is all about domestic affair. You can buy a new home. Try to resolve domestic affairs. Plan strongly to put your domestic health back on feet. Next one year is productive.

Saturn will move to Sagittarius on September 17. Saturn will leave intense Scorpio. Work and health will get some ease. Any job difficulty will go on back foot. Saturn will move to seventh house of relationship. Marriage or business partnership will come in focus. Enemies or critics will go sharp. For 2.5 years, you have to control your critical points. Any weakness in marriage may come to forefront. Again I want to tell here that remain stick to values. Saturn loves it.

Pluto is helping you to drive financial re-engineering and emotional strength. Deep transformation may occur in your behaviour and habit. Uranus is in social house of friendships. Friends may behave erratically or their life may be little unplanned. It may give you a piece of knowledge that is different.

Neptune is in career house. Career may be an illusion. Vision won’t be that clear as you want. Pushing too hard won’t take you anywhere. Just wait for right moments. Creativity and empathy would take you to next level.

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