GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: November 2014 Horoscope

Focus is huge on financial and emotional wealth. Unexpected events may divert your planned way. You may feel intense pressure to discard old assets. Tax man be demanding. November is good time to re-engineer your values. Sometimes, we value things which are no longer needed in our life.

Full moon of November 6 is a culmination point in financial wisdom. Something may end significance in your life. It will be good time to move ahead about it. Many thoughts may come to your mind. Attachment to power, people, things are not easy to leave. Focus on bigger things in life. Spiritual wisdom may help.

New moon of November 22 is very intense. It is in relationship house. Older partner may help. On other side, he may question your attitude and behaviour.

Don't overreact in November. Let it pass. Better things are planned in future.

Long Term Aspects

Gemini sign has Jupiter now in supportive Leo. Optimism should come back in life. Fun, jokes, short holiday trips, or smart phones would be free for next one year. Love life has been great or active for last six months. Now focus will reduce in love chart. Although chatting or light hearted discussion may excite you now.

Sibling will support you immensely. Contracts will come easily. Terms and conditions will be in your favour.

Saturn are in work and health chart. It is tricky area now. Optimising physical strength may be a challenge now. Job may go in different direction. Best way to use this month is proactively joining a gym or yoga class. Saturn may cut some fab. Or run a marathon for using this once in life time opportunity.

At Job, scene may change dramatically. Co-worker may behave differently. If you know it all in advance, you may prepare yourself proactively.

Pluto is helping you to drive financial re-engineering and emotional strength. Deep transformation may occur in your behaviour and habit. Uranus is in social house of friendships. Friends may behave erratically or their life may be little unplanned. It may give you a piece of knowledge that is different.

Neptune is in career house. Career may be an illusion. Vision won’t be that clear as you want. Pushing too hard won’t take you anywhere. Just wait for right moments. Creativity and empathy would take you to next level.

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