GEMINI (May 21 - June 20) :: May 2014 Horoscope

Gemini is sign of duality. You can see both extreme of any problem. It is amazing aspect to balance life. Any extreme in life brings behavioural issues.

New moon is due on May 28 in Gemini. Neptune (vision in social status) is tough with this new moon. Mars is supporting this new moon from love and creativity. Your mind may go to love and fun. It may move away from career matters. Creativity will be at its peak and you may take some decisive matters. Later I have one Gemini friend and can sense his desire for true love. Mars in fifth house may peak such desire. Same house had Saturn few months back. Love and care we all want. But it may be delayed for Gemini because of current Astro signatures.

If you were born near May 28, you will get maximum impact.

May 4 &6 are two key dates when money may come easily to you. Sun is well placed with Pluto and Jupiter. Take proper rest.

May 10& 11 are two tough days. Better to ignore those days to plan something big.

May month will start with a solar eclipse of last month in Taurus on April 29. Strong desire may have been coming to you to work behind the scene and evaluate your ideas. You have one excellent opportunity to plan-plan-plan your life. For big successes, you need unbeatable planning to last mile. Visualise your success and enhance your vision.

Full moon is due on May 14 in Scorpio. It is your work and health house. This full moon is tough. Saturn is in conjunction with it. It is physical health. It may tough decision to leave a job. Or health may expose some vulnerability. Hard decision will be taken to maximise physical stamina or work life. Decisions that are pending for many months will be taken.

Physical fitness and skills gave us reason to life full. Live healthy.

If you were born near June 14, you will get maximum impact.

Venus will pass through cardinal cross starting 11 to May 18. It is another pain point with some surprises. Rest and food planning may go haywire. Sleep may go away because of pressure on health and job.

Most amazing moment of this month is coming on May 24. Two big teachers and guides will come on supportive term in emotional water. Jupiter and Saturn are making trine. It will be time to boost your earning, financial health, and physical health. A new journey may start about physical wellbeing.

My Gemini Tweet:. True love sometimes takes time. It does not mean denial.

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