GEMINI :: March 2014 Horoscope

Gemini sign is seeing credibility crisis. It may be due to Neptune sign in career chart. Neptune is known for its uncertainty. In February, Mercury was in retrograde. Mercury impacts you more and may send some wrong signals. In March , it is direct.

Within first six days of March, four planets will change directions starting Feb 28. These are Mercury (communication), Mars (Action in love), Saturn (insecurity in work life) and Jupiter (luck in earned income). Many discussions may change their directions. Just remain watchful. Planets may misbehave. It may create delay, miscommunication, verbal spat, and rumours.

March will start with a new social status event. This will bring back your social status back on track. You may take charge of it. Stick to principles while leading others in social life. Pluto and Jupiter have amazing support. Passion and luck are in place to support your voice. Influence people to maximise benefits. Do use technology to open new avenue of social influencing. Do interact with friends and new faces. But, donít fall trapped in friendship when your own integrity comes under question.

If you were born near June 1, this new moon will impact your more closely.

Full moon of March 16 is very interesting. It is in hard working Virgo. But it is love life for you. You are very creative at work. It will be time to extract this quality. Do look out at workplace to do something creative. Alternatively, it is time to reignite romantic life. Once in a year, full moon happens in romantic chart. It is time to listen to heart. Do whatever your heart says. You would see its result.

Mars (impulsive action), Mercury (Communication), and Node (focus) are tough with this full moon. Planned actions will be rewarded. Saturn (long-term sustainability) is supporting it. It will be great time to convert love to marriage. Commitment energy is stable and supportive.

If you were born near June 15, this full moon will impact your more closely.

New moon of March 30 is in eleventh house. Meeting friends may be rewarding time. Do interact with social groups.

This new moon is at critical point. Jupiter (dream in earning) and Pluto (passion in partnerís income) may put direct heat on your emotions. Do protect your health and emotions.

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