Week's Astrology Equation -Apr 14 Relationship astrology - Apr 14
Next 15 days are very crucial. Many astro events are planned. It is better to plan things in advance. If you are born near date 5, this cardinal cross is tough for you. Pluto exerts a constant pressure for change.Pluto tears down structures so they can be rebuilt on a foundation that is more solid. Uranus is associated with Creative genius Flashes of insight Inventions. Uranus is also associated with unpredictability Irrationality and sudden shocks. Jupiter is third planet in this cardinal cross. It is associated with big jolts. Exect Cardinal cross is planned on April 20-21 (next weekend). ....... continue
Next 15 days are action packed. It is more so if you are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn signs. It is more so if you are born near 5th of respective month. Four planets (Mars, Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus) are forming a shape-shifting Grand Cardinal Square that is likely to manifest in social disruption, system failures and environmental disturbances.Pressure can also rise on personal levels as the world seems to be less safe and secure. ........ continue
Market Week -Apr 14
Global equity markets were slammed hard last week. That week saw stock prices gradually move to new all-time highs in many countries, like in the USA, India, Switzerland, and Argentina, but it wasn’t volatile. The DJIA was down about 600 points from the high of a week ago. The Nikkei broke below the level that started its current primary cycle ten weeks ago (13,996). Gold was strong last week, and so were Crude Oil and Soybeans. The dollar was weak, which is good and bad. It is good for commodities, but not so good for some currencies like the Euro, which once again is testing the 1.4000 mark. The problem here is that these other world markets (other than the USA) are on the verge of plunging into continue
Vedic - Sun in Revati April 1 to 14
Sun will be in Revati. Revati means Wealthy and its deity is Pushan, one of the twelve Adityas. The word Pushan means the one who promotes prosperity or who lights up.This Nakshatra though indicates material prosperity but at the same time it also points out end of all kinds of enjoyments of life. People born in this Nakshatra are generally wealthy and live their lives completely in illusions. This quality is by birth. Their enemies will generally get defeated by the strong communication skills and power to argue any issue. All their friends get equal importance and every one would be pleased to have friend like him. But they need to avoid continue

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