Week's Astrology Equation -Jun 29 Relationship astrology-Jun 15
Tight Full moon is coming on July 1. Mars and Pluto are so closly aspected. We heard about ISIS terrorism and related deaths. It sounds like capricorn full moon is near. There’s tons of fuel to work with, but the trick will be focusing potential anger/frustration in the right direction. A trine from the Sun/Mars conjunction to Neptune Rx (in Pisces) suggests that emotionally-based dreams and ideals can enable the whole process.This Moon will square the transiting North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries.

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When Neptune and mercury are standing still in the skies, it is strong. When Neptune is strong, no one knows what to do. It is like trying to get from point A to B in a dense fog. No one can see the path. All you can do is wait for the fog to lift, and hope the path is still there and you - or your subject – have not wandered too far off from it. June is better month for all in ......... continue
Market Week -Jun 29
Jupiter/Uranus trine aspect was similar to the first two passages of September 25, 2014 and March 3, 2015 when many world equities markets staged impressive rallies to a crest nearby. Jupiter aspects are seldom favorable for precious metals, and last week was no exception. Gold fell to a low of 1167.10 on Friday, June 26. This was above its half-primary cycle low of 1162.10 on June.Venus and Uranus retrograde periods are coming up on July 25-26.This not only applies to precious metals, but many markets that are affected by the interest rate policies of central banks throughout the world. Something big may be in the works. continue
Vedic - Sun in ARDA June 23-Jul 6
Bellatrix is the bright star in Mrigshiras , with a Visual magnitude of 1.66. Mrigshiras main Symbol is a Deer. The association with a deer makes this nakshatra possess all deer like qualities such as timidity, lightness, fragility, fickleness, wandering etc. In all ancient Vedic texts, deers are associated with gentle aspects of nature and often play major roles in romantic lores.Mars rules this nakshatra. The essence of the nature and functioning of Mrigashira can be summed up by one word -"searching". With Mercury retrograde, you may search past connection, pending items, and missing friends. On a higher level, Mrigashira may allow one to find one's life path or destiny and on a lower level, it can just make one prance about like a deer from one continue

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