Week's Astrology Equation -Nov 17 Relationship astrology-Sep 14
Russian military aerial exercises over Europe and the Caribbean. G20 has become a power struggle point. Rumor was that Putin wants to left it early. ISIS is continuously beheading journalists. It should be condemned. In civil society , it should be punished. In USA, The battle over immigration reform is setting up to be a very critical matter as Saturn prepares to start its three-year journey into Sagittarius on December 23, 2014. Sagittarius rules foreign matters, such as immigration. On November 18, Sun will conjunct with Saturn. Ego clash will increase. Same day we also have Mars -Node square. That may be a volatile day. On November 20, . ....... continue
Words can sting the first two weeks of September and lead to behaviors that could later be regretted. If you’ve been stung by the actions of others lately, calm down and think through carefully how best to respond. You may feel like quitting the play, or getting even with others. But to act upon that impulsively could be costly to the very goals you have set for yourself. ......... continue
Market Week -Nov 17
A former HHS (Health and Human Resource) consultant commented on Obamacare “… the stupidity of the American voter was also a key to passage.” We have a case of Neptune, planet of deception, betrayal, and blind faith. Although stock indices were unusually quiet last week as they made new highs, the same was not true in precious metals. After a one-day surge of nearly $50.00 the previous Friday, November 7, from 1130 to nearly 1180, Gold started giving back much of its gains. By early Friday November 14, Gold was down to 1146. But once again, late in the day, it surged strongly to as high as 1192.90 before the close. Silver was even more explosive. From a 4-year low of 15.04 exactly one week ago (November 7) continue
Vedic - Sun in ARDA June 23-Jul 6
Bellatrix is the bright star in Mrigshiras , with a Visual magnitude of 1.66. Mrigshiras main Symbol is a Deer. The association with a deer makes this nakshatra possess all deer like qualities such as timidity, lightness, fragility, fickleness, wandering etc. In all ancient Vedic texts, deers are associated with gentle aspects of nature and often play major roles in romantic lores.Mars rules this nakshatra. The essence of the nature and functioning of Mrigashira can be summed up by one word -"searching". With Mercury retrograde, you may search past connection, pending items, and missing friends. On a higher level, Mrigashira may allow one to find one's life path or destiny and on a lower level, it can just make one prance about like a deer from one continue

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