Week's Astrology Equation -Nov 24 Relationship astrology-Sep 14
In the Ukraine, more bloodshed was spilled in its conflict with Russia. Since the ceasefire agreement of early September, 957 people have been killed, or about 13 per day, according to a United Nations report issued Thursday, November 20. In Jerusalem, a Palestinian attack on a synagogue last week killed five people, including a U.S. Rabbi. Each of these are acts that express a darker side of the Uranus/Pluto square, which is now in the last five months of their 33-month and 7-passage series that began in June 2012. Uranus in Aries, and square to Pluto in Capricorn can manifest as both power grabs and senseless, brutal killings and threats to human lives, as if human life is devalued. . ....... continue
Words can sting the first two weeks of September and lead to behaviors that could later be regretted. If you’ve been stung by the actions of others lately, calm down and think through carefully how best to respond. You may feel like quitting the play, or getting even with others. But to act upon that impulsively could be costly to the very goals you have set for yourself. ......... continue
Market Week -Nov 24
From November 10-20, the DJIA had a range of less than 200 points (about 1.1%), following its 10.6% surge from October 15 through November 10. On Friday, November 21, many indices (including the DJIA) surged once more to a new multi-year or all-time high after. Despite the presence of a powerful geocosmic critical reversal zone that correlated with explosive political events and unexpected and surprising central bank decisions, they do not necessarily coincide with sharp reversals in stock markets. The explosive correlation to human activity signified by the planetary pattern of November 10-17 continue
Vedic - Sun in ARDA June 23-Jul 6
Bellatrix is the bright star in Mrigshiras , with a Visual magnitude of 1.66. Mrigshiras main Symbol is a Deer. The association with a deer makes this nakshatra possess all deer like qualities such as timidity, lightness, fragility, fickleness, wandering etc. In all ancient Vedic texts, deers are associated with gentle aspects of nature and often play major roles in romantic lores.Mars rules this nakshatra. The essence of the nature and functioning of Mrigashira can be summed up by one word -"searching". With Mercury retrograde, you may search past connection, pending items, and missing friends. On a higher level, Mrigashira may allow one to find one's life path or destiny and on a lower level, it can just make one prance about like a deer from one continue

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