Week's Astrology Equation -Jan 5 Relationship astrology-Sep 14
The New Year begins with a powerful cosmic set up: Mars in opposition to Jupiter on January 1, and then the Sun conjoining Pluto and square Uranus on January 3. In the past, we have commented on time bands that include hard aspects between Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The Sun/Uranus square (and the Sun’s translation to the Uranus/Pluto square) on January 3 is also a potential powerhouse. Given that this is also a full moon period (January 4 is the full moon), it could coincide with disruptions in many fields of human activity. . ....... continue
Words can sting the first two weeks of September and lead to behaviors that could later be regretted. If you’ve been stung by the actions of others lately, calm down and think through carefully how best to respond. You may feel like quitting the play, or getting even with others. But to act upon that impulsively could be costly to the very goals you have set for yourself. ......... continue
Market Week -Jan 5
Happy New Year to everyone. Many world stock indices soared to new multi-year or all-time highs in December. Then they fell. Then they rallied again. It was a wild December, just as forecasted based on all the Uranus signatures that were highlighted last month. In South America, the equity markets performed much differently. Instead of highs, they made lows. In Europe, it was similar to the USA, except the recent rally did not take out the highs of early December. They have problems that the USA does not have, including the possibility of succession from the Euro Union by Greece, as their debt burden is returning as a major issue. The Asian and Far Eastern markets, along with Russia, were all over the place. Starting with Russia, continue
Vedic - Sun in ARDA June 23-Jul 6
Bellatrix is the bright star in Mrigshiras , with a Visual magnitude of 1.66. Mrigshiras main Symbol is a Deer. The association with a deer makes this nakshatra possess all deer like qualities such as timidity, lightness, fragility, fickleness, wandering etc. In all ancient Vedic texts, deers are associated with gentle aspects of nature and often play major roles in romantic lores.Mars rules this nakshatra. The essence of the nature and functioning of Mrigashira can be summed up by one word -"searching". With Mercury retrograde, you may search past connection, pending items, and missing friends. On a higher level, Mrigashira may allow one to find one's life path or destiny and on a lower level, it can just make one prance about like a deer from one continue

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