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Quarterly Astrology -April - June 2016 Relationship astrology-AMJ 16
It is cool quarter expected. Mars was busy month with two eclipses. April to June is expected to be slightly better. Aries sign is expected to be key as Venus and Sun passing through it. Mars and Pluto are going to be retrograde on April 17-18. These are key dates. If possible try to finish your work before April 17. After April 17-18 , it will be time to bind up long pending ambition or resolve past issues. Sagittarius is another sign which is very active nowadays. Saturn and Mars are moving in it.

. ....... continue

Love and relationships are so vulnerable now. Technology is changing entire landscape. Social media is creating new opportunity for lovers. Major game of love is happening for Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. Marriage or partnership may bring some weakness to front. Partnership for me is love + security. Dates between May 28 and June 18 will be key for this test. Mental illness is increasing nowadays. We take up......... continue
Market -AMJ 16
World market is in long period of slow growth. BRIC nations have lost stream. Crude is in long period of low prices. Cost cutting is happening in energy companies. Technology companies are doing comparatively well. Telecom and mobile revolution are two keywords in current market along with pharma. Many people think that we are at inflation point. No one knows what lies ahead. Coming T square between Saturn –Jupiter- and Neptune will put focus back on Gemini ruled area. Technology and mobile business will speak louder. Global unemployment is expected to rise as Jupiter in Virgo is cleaning unwanted jobs. continue

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